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As we already announced we have started project management certification activities and did some relations with regulatory organizations about management education and project management activities.

We also started creating our own management materials and case studies in this field. For all of you that are interested in this matter, please find some references at the bottom of the article.

We would also like to quote the Masters in Project Management educational service providing transparency in the certification and educational field as a major reference for accurate information and validation process.


The NSCSS Spring Conference will be held Friday, March 17, at Mahoney State Park and Saturday, March 18, in Omaha and/or Lincoln. The theme for the conference will be “Museums as a Resource for Teaching Social Studies.” The registration costs for the conference are as follows: Friday and Saturday: $15 for NSCSS members and $30 for non-members (you will receive a membership with this); for Saturday only: $7 for NSCSS members and $22 for non-members. The tentative schedule for the conference is as follows. Final plans will be indicated in a special NSCSS newsletter mailing in February.

There will be a registration form at the end of this newsletter and also through a special mailing in late February. Teachers are to indicate on their registration forms their first, second and third choices with reference to which cluster of museums they would like to visit.


Orlando hosted the 1999 Annual Convention and did a great job of providing splendid keynote speakers, such as Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of Germany, and Ray Suarez of National Public Radio. There were over 6000 educators in attendance and hundreds of great presentations available for all grade levels and content areas. The energy generated in the conference environment is one that can not be duplicated. Surrounding oneself with thousands of dedicated, enthusiastic, creative social studies educators is such a great feeling and keeps one coming back for more. Plan to attend next November in San Antonio, Texas. It is such a great, warm place to be in November. Susan TooheySocial Studies Assistant Supervisor.


On Thursday, February 3, the UNO Center for Economic Education and the Foundation for Teaching Economics will be hosting a workshop for all secondary social studies teachers in the area at UNO Alumni Center from 4:00 to 9:00 including dinner. “Economic Demise of the Soviet Union” will include background discussions and demonstrations of five units/lessons for the classroom. Unit topics will include: Opportunity Cost: The Soviet Choice for GrowthMissing Markets and Missing Pieces: The Task of Central PlanningIncentives Matter: the Firm in the Society EconomyPrivate Property Rights: Failure on the FarmTransaction Costs: Life in the Soviet Households. Teachers will receive these lessons as well as a discussion and demonstration of resources. The space is limited to 35. The workshop is free but they will require a $25 returnable deposit. For information call Mary Lynn Reiser at the UNO Center for Economic Education.

Project Management Recourses and materials

For those of you that are interesting in starting educating in the project management field, you may start with some popular related management topics and themes.

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