Human Resource and the Human Resources Manager role

The article presents an abstract overview of Human Resources in a deeper academic sense and briefly presents the Human Resources Manager.

In today’s democracy and capitalist systems, companies in the modern sense of the word tend to maximize their profits. However, the process of creating excess value and thus profit is impossible without the most important thread being the workers.

Workers are personal with both personal and professional specifics. Functional human resource management is needed to meet their expectations and move the company in a positive direction.

The task of well-trained managers is to organize a good selection process. Attract the highest quality workers through transparent and specific job postings. Selection of the most suitable staff for open positions through a well-developed selection system. However, this is not the end of the work of the HR department, on the contrary, a balance must be struck between employer and employee.

Ensure a fair and transparent system of wages, salaries, penalties, and training. In human nature, man is constantly growing and learning new things. HR managers should pay particular attention to training to improve the workflow and ensure individual employee satisfaction.

The Human Resources Manager

In coordination with both workers and employers, managers must take all actions to resolve work conflicts, both horizontal and vertical, to ensure a fair workflow. Only satisfied employees and employers can lead the company to new successes.

For me, as a Certified human resources manager, the most important thing is the work environment. Everyone in the workplace spends a lot of time in the workday, and a lack of pressure and unwanted conflicts will make the job desirable for the worker. Certainly pay is crucial, I believe that a remuneration system and, accordingly, fair penalties will motivate employees to do their best in the work process. Timely preparation of all necessary documents and precision in work are another important aspect. Every employee should have confidence in the Human Resources department. Cooperation is a basis for trust.

Human Resources Managers and contribution to the team

As a human resources manager, I certainly think that off-hours would also contribute to the team. There are various ways of doing this, of course, different things can be chosen according to the workforce structure of the company, their interests, and other variables. Small positive things like celebrations, symbolic gifts, bonuses can mean a lot to any individual. In my opinion, the motivation and mutual support of all participants in the process are the basis for development. Read Human resources policies in the field of social protection article.

Lack of hearing and communication destroys the company internally if there is no harmony and communication, the future of the company is at risk. Equality is the basis for trust and consequently the achievement of common goals. The task of any good HR manager is not to place barriers between employees and employers.