How to Become Involved in Global Regulatory Network Programs

One of the primary goals of the Global Regulatory Network is to advance the capacities of regulatory bodies and regulatory associations in transitioning countries and regions around the world. The GRN program includes several possible mechanisms for working with regulatory bodies and regulatory associations.

Regional Association Formation: NARUC has extensive experience in all aspects of regulatory association building. For countries with recently created associations, NARUC provides assistance with structure, function, governing principles and procedures, funding issues, technical training (please see below), website development (please see below), systematization of association activities, and member involvement.

How to initiate work with NARUC

Have your association express an interest to NARUC in writing (preferably via email). Fully describe your needs and goals (usually a letter from the chair or steering committee of the association). Partnerships: NARUC serves as the administrator of various regulatory partnerships. All partnerships are funded by country or regional Missions of the United States Agency for International Development.

Project Management Certification Regulation

We started the regulations of several project management certifications programs as well at the beginning of 2019. Details are presented below. You may join this management certification and regulation process as a volunteer organization.

How to initiate a possible partnership

Have your commission express an interest to NARUC in writing (preferably via email). Work with NARUC to contact your local or regional USAID Mission (usually a letter from the Chairperson). After the letter is reviewed, request a meeting with the appropriate USAID representative.

Website Development

NARUC believes that it is important for regulatory associations and individual regulatory bodies to have information for the public easily accessible on the Internet. With this goal in mind, NARUC can work with regulatory bodies and associations in developing their websites. How to initiate: Have your commission or association express an interest to NARUC in writing (preferably via email).Explain your goals for your website. On-Line Resources and Document ExchangeThrough NARUC’s member commissions, we can provide answers to a multitude of regulatory questions, and provide example documents (such as code of ethics, confidentiality agreements, administrative rules, etc.). NA-RUC’s membership consists of over 50 regulatory agencies in the United States. At any time, commissions around the world can email questions or requests for documents about specific regulatory subjects and issues. If you send us a question, we will send it out to a listserve of commissioners and commission staff who will compile answers and provide background documents.

How to initiate: Write NARUC an email with your question or request for a document. Please allow enough time but please specify a date by which you will need the information (typically two weeks after the request is received we will provide answers).Training: NARUC offers a number of training opportunities, including study tours, technical workshops, university-affiliated courses, etc. We are interested in developing collaborative relationships with regulators and regulatory associations, including implementing of joint programs. If your organization has an activity that is within the parameters of the GRN program, we would be interested in including this activity in our workplan, subject to USAID approval. We can organize study tours to U.S. commissions, provide technical workshops on specific subjects for individual countries and regions, as well as design courses with our university affiliates. How to initiate: Have your commission or association express an interest to NARUC in writing (preferably via email).For any type of training program, we will require detailed information about your commission or association’s needs and goals.

The Global Regulatory Network programs

All of the Global Regulatory Network programs require a commission or association to first express an interest in the programs. Detailed and complete information is essential to the success of a proposal. The GRN program and NARUC cannot act as a donor organization or corporate sponsor by offering sponsorships or funding assistance. However, we may be able to provide financial support if we have a role in the implementation of the program (subject to USAID approval). All activities are funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and are dependent on USAID approval and funding levels.

Management Regulations and Certifications

We are involved in the project management certification of BVOP and regulate the certified project manager training process and provide regular feedback and instructions to the certification body. We evaluate the project management processes of the project management body of knowledge of BVOP and assure all stages are clear and the information for the customers is correct and understood.

This activity and service are also included in the project management certifications list in with our permission – The Project Governance website that provides recent and valid information on project management training prices, terms, and locations around the world.