Change management plan real example template

The following material is a true example of a Change management plan template and is designed for project management courses and training. You can use this sample template for your academic or professional needs at your responsibility.

Change management plan is one of the documents in project management practices that should be created at the beginning of the project during the initiation phase.

Change – any activity not defined in the scope of the project

Filing a formal change request

In order to be accepted for consideration, any change shall be submitted electronically through the “Request a Change” section of the official communication platform.

Any request for change filed in violation of the above method will automatically be considered invalid and the party to which it is asked shall be exempt from any liability for the change request in question.
An online change form provides the ability to automatically populate information from the drop-down list, and in cases where the required information cannot be found in the drop-down menu, select the “other” checkbox and fill in the required information in the drop-down list. the newly created field below.
All fields marked with (*) are required.

At the moment of submitting a request for change under the conditions of item 3, it is necessary to enter the First name, Last name and contact of a current supervisor.
After completing the change form correctly, it is confirmed and entered into the review system.

Allow for change request

The opportunity to formally file a claim for change of persons shall be provided as follows

  • Party of the contracting authority of the project
  • Project Manager – Liam James
  • Party of contractor of the project
  • Project Manager – Marta Cooper

Making a change request assessed as requiring exceptional amounts of resources and capacity.

  • For a change request with a required capacity exceeding 500 hrs. (man hours)
  • For a request for change with the necessary financial resources over 35 000 Euros or their coefficient in Bulgarian leva
  • For a change request with the necessary expertise/capacity from third parties
  • To request a change on a point change, paragraph, paragraph of project scope
  • For a change request to change a part, personality, department, and more. from the communication channel

Consideration and evaluation of claims for change

Each change request will be considered and evaluated individually.
It takes up to three business days to process each change request.
A business day begins to count when the claim is filed on a weekday before 2pm. All other claims filed will be reported on the next business day.
In view of the circumstances required to consider the claim for change, the time for consideration may be changed, by notifying the other party, through the communication platform.
The requests processed by the Project Manager will be administered to the respective departments to calculate the required resources and capacity and to specify details.

Evaluation of the request through the requirements as follows:

Criticality of the request
Impact of change on the project

Demand Criticality – calculated by the product of the percentage of two major factors: scope and burden

Scope – Defined as a percentage of the phases, points and points that change will affect. Read Scope change management plan

Burden – inversely proportional to the resource outcome and capacity available to effect change

Impact of change on the project – change can be small, big, critical, trivial

Small change – no project phase shifts required, no additional funding tied in, available specialists are able to successfully complete change, man-hours worked <= 50

Major change – no project phase shifts required, additional funding <= 15,000 Euros or their equivalent in BGN, available specialists are able to successfully complete the change, man-hours worked <= 350

Critical change – partial change of phases and steps in the project, additional funding <= 35,000 USD or their equivalent in Bulgarian levs, partial professional assistance from third countries is required, man-hours worked <= 800

Trivial change – change affecting => 80% of the defined scope of the project, financing> 75000 USD or their equivalent in EUR, partial professional assistance from third parties is required, hours worked => 2000

Urgency – what is the expected timeline for the full implementation of the change until its confirmed implementation

Benefits – The expected benefits after making the change

  • Strategically
  • Organizational
  • Operational
  • Corporate
  • Financial
  • Production
  • Marketers
  • others

After analyzing the change request, the client receives the proposed parameters for additional time and resources.

Upon receipt of a proposal from the client, respectively, the responsible persons are obliged to respond through an officially communicative channel, notifying the decision within three working days.

Steps, phases, procedures, schedules, and other workflow-related issues will be postponed in favor of the change upon formal confirmation by the client.

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